“Paul and his dog walking team are top notch. We used them for about 3 years and are only leaving them because we are moving out of the city. We never worried and knew our dog was always well cared for. “


“We really like the people at this dog-walking service. Most of them are artists and performers. They are very nice to the dogs. My dog always looked forward to going out every day with her human and doggy pals. Very reliable and honest people.”


“I have to say that this is absolutely, hands down the best dog walking service in the City. My dog walker was always on time, very loving and caring with my two dogs! I highly recommend this service!”



“Paul Columbia and his team of dog walkers are really fantastic. First off, they have rules which prohibit the dog walkers from using cell phones which means the walks are for the dogs, not the walkers! “


“Great dog walking service. I’ve used them for almost 4 years and have never had a problem. If the usual walker is out for any reason, they always let you know in advance and they make it very easy to adjust schedules. Highly recommended!”


“”NYC Dog Walkers are the best! They took such good care of our puppy, and helped shape him into the wonderful little guy he is today. They were always on time, and diligent to let customers know in advance when walks would not be available “


“We live in the Wall Street area and NYC Dog Walkers have been walking our two Labradors Lucy and Cupcake for the past six months. If you are like us and love your pups, work long hours and need daily dog walking, this is an excellent dog walking service.”


“NYC Dog Walkers worked with us and our doggy for 7 years and we had a very good experience. Our UWS dog is a special needs dogs with respect to health, and we were always very happy with his regular walker, and the substitutes when they were needed.”


“Paul and NYC Dog Walkers are fantastic. They cared for my beloved pooch, Betty, for 7 years. During that time we had only 3 walkers (and the same person for the last 6 years). She was walked with one other dog, maximum–there were never any “pack” walks.”