"Our top priorities are the satisfaction of our clients and providing a safe and fun environment for our clients' dogs."Paul Columbia, President

Our Company

Founded in 2001 by Paul Columbia, NYC Dog Walkers, LLC is a bonded and insured company that is consistently ranked as the best run and most trusted dog-walking service in Manhattan. We love our jobs and take the care of our client’s pups very seriously.

Our Caregivers

NYC Dog Walkers is staffed by lifelong dog owners carefully chosen for their honesty, reliability, love of dogs and experience and skill handling all breeds. Our walkers must show a true affinity towards our furry friends. We pride ourselves on punctuality, dependability, and animal adoration. Many of our caregivers participate in ongoing education courses designed to enhance their knowledge of professional dog care.

Our Goal

To treat your dog and home with the love, care and respect we would use to treat our own. We believe in nurturing our client’s dogs, in their own home environment and helping our pups follow a consistent and reliable schedule. At NYC Dog Walkers you and your dog’s happiness is our main concern. We know how important your dog is to you; your pup is part of your family. And as a client your dog will be a part of our family too.

Our Photos


  • How long has NYC Dog Walkers been in business? +

    Since 2001.
  • Do you do pack walks? +

    No, we limit the number of dogs we walk to small groups of up to 4 dogs. Semi private small groups range in size from two dogs to a maximum of four dogs.
  • Do you ever leave dogs unattended? +

    No, our dogs are never left unattended for any reason.
  • Will we have a same dog walker every day? +

    Yes. We assign territories geographically so you and your pup will have the same dog walker every day.
  • If my dog walker needs a day off, will our walks still get handled? +

    Yes, absolutely. We have backup plans in the event your dog walker ever needs an infrequent day off, as long as we are provided a second set of keys or your building has a doorman with keys.
  • Do you only accept well-trained dogs? +

    No. As a matter of fact our private walks often help to reinforce training. Many owners have noticed improvements in their dog’s behavior after walking in semi-private groups. We only accept nice, social able dogs to walk in our small semi-private groups.
  • Do you have references? +

    Yes. We will happily provide client specific references for your dog walker.
  • What do you do if my dog does not get along with another dog in
    their small group? +

    We try a different small group and if issues still persist, we recommend private walks.
  • Do you take dogs in your care to dog runs or allow them to be off
    leash? +

    No. All reputable insurance companies underwriting policies for dog walking services make it clear that dogs off leash and dogs off leash in dog runs are not covered by insurance. Insurance companies regularly perform risk assessment analyses and have determined that dogs off leash are responsible for a majority of injuries and insurance claims.
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